Designing for Trust: A Human-Centered Methodology for Identifying Metrics of Operational Trust in Mission Autonomy
Sarah Rigsbee, Alexis Basantis, Bryan Camacho, Cara LaPointe
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Lanier Watkins, Denzel Hamilton, Chad Mello, Tyler Young, Sebastian Zanlongo, Barbara Kobzil-Juul, and Randall Sleight
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IoT Capabilities Composition and Decomposition: A Systematic Review
Khalid Halba, Edward Griffor, Ahmed Lbath, and Anton Dahbura
Johns Hopkins University, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Grenoble Alpes University
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The Complexity of Blockchain Risks Simplified and Displayed: Introduction of the Johns Hopkins Blockchain Risk Map
Jiarui Chen, Qilin QiQi Tong, Himanshu Verma, Avinash Sharma, Anton Dahbura and Jim Kyung-Soo Liew
Johns Hopkins University, SoKat Asset Management
The Journal of Financial Data Science, 2022 [Link]

A Learning-Based Zero-Trust Architecture for 6G and Future Networks
Michael A. Enright, Eman Hammad, Ashutosh Dutta
Quantum Dimension, Inc., Texas A&M University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University
IEEE Future Networks World Forum, 2022

Learning a Group-Aware Policy for Robot Navigation
Kapil Katyal, Yuxiang Gao, Jared Markowitz, Sara Pohland, Corban Rivera, I-Jeng Wang, Chien-Ming Huang
Johns Hopkins University, UC Berkeley
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A Risk-Sensitive Approach to Policy Optimization
Jared Markowitz, Ryan W. Gardner, Ashley Llorens, Raman Arora, I-Jeng Wang
ARXIV, August 2022 [Link]

Rendering Contention Channel Made Practical in Web Browsers
Shujiang Wu, Jianjia Yu, Min Yang+, Yinzhi Cao
Johns Hopkins University, +Fudan University
USENIX Security 2022 [Link]

Backporting Security Patches of Web Applications: A Prototype Design and Implementation on Injection Vulnerability Patches
Youkun Shi, Yuan Zhang, Tianhan Luo, Xiangyu Mao, Yinzhi Cao+, Ziwen Wang, Yudi Zhao, Zongan Huang, Min Yang
Fudan University, +Johns Hopkins University
USENIX Security 2022 [Link]

Identity Confusion in WebView-based Mobile App-in-app Ecosystems
Lei Zhang, Zhibo Zhang, Ancong Liu, Fudan University Yinzhi Cao+, Xiaohan Zhang, Yanjun Chen, Yuan Zhang, Guangliang Yang, Min Yang
Fudan University, +Johns Hopkins University
USENIX Security 2022 [LinkDistinguished Paper Award

Mining Node.js Vulnerabilities via Object Dependence Graph and Query
Song Li, Mingqing Kang, Jianwei Hou, Yinzhi Cao
Johns Hopkins University
USENIX Security 2022 [Link]

A Decision Metric for the Use of a Deep Reinforcement Learning Policy
Christina Selby, Edward Staley
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
ICML, 2022 [PDF]

Runtime Assurance for Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems
Vlada Dementyeva, Cameron Hickert, Nicolas Sarfaraz, Sebastian Zanlongo, and Tamim Sookoor

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Attack Agnostic Detection of Adversarial Examples via Random Subspace Analysis
Nathan Drenkow, Neil Fendley, Philippe Burlina
Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) January 2022


The Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy: Enabling a Future of Trust for Autonomous
Cara E. LaPointe, Anton T. Dahbura, David P. Silberberg, and Amber R. Mills
Johns Hopkins University Institute for Assured Autonomy
Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest 2021 [Link]

Detecting Anomalies in Retinal Diseases Using Generative, Discriminative, and Self-supervised Deep Learning
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JAMA Ophthalmology. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2021.5557
Published online December 30, 2021

Proxy Model Explanations for Time Series RNNs
Zach Wood-Doughty, Isabel Cachola, Mark Dredze
Johns Hopkins University
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Are Transformers more robust than CNNs?
Yutong Bai, Jieru Mei, Alan Yuille, Cihang Xie
Johns Hopkins University
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Neural View Synthesis and Matching for Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Learning of 3D Pose
Angtian Wang, Shenxiao Mei, Alan Yuille, Adam Kortylewski
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Max Lennon, Nathan Drenkow , Phil Burlina
Int. Conf. Computer Vision (ICCV), Workshop on Adversarial Robustness in the Real World, 2021.

Identifying Performance Regression Conditions for Testing & Evaluation of Autonomous Systems
P. Stankiewicz and M. Kobilarov
Johns Hopkins University, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
IROS 2021

Robust Policy Search for an Agile Ground Vehicle Under Perception Uncertainty
Shahriar Sefati, Subhransu Mishra, Matthew Sheckells, Kapil D. Katyal, Jin Bai, Gregory D. Hager, and Marin Kobilarov
Johns Hopkins University, Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2021 [Link]

Evaluation of UTM strategic deconfliction through end-to-end simulation
Maxim Egorov, Antony Evans, Scot Campbell (Airbus UTM), Sebastian Zanlongo & Tyler Young (John Hopkins University)
Air Traffic Management R&D Seminar #14, 2021 [PDF]

Assuring Autonomous UAS Traffic Management Systems Using Explainable, Fuzzy Logic, Black Box Monitoring
Denzel Hamilton, Lanier Watkins, Sebastian Zanlongo, Charles Leeper, Randall Sleight, Joshua Silbermann, and Kevin Kornegay
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Morgan State University
IEEE International Conference on Information and Autonomation for Sustainability, August 2021 [Link]

PySocialForce: A Python Implementation of the Extended Social Force Model for Pedestrian Dynamics
Gao, Y. and Huang, C.M.
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] JOSS (under review)

An Investigative  Study Into An Autonomous UAS Traffic Management System For Congested Airspace Safety
Lanier Watkins,  Nick Sarfaraz,  Sebastian Zanlongo,  Joshua  Silbermann,  Tyler  Young,  and Randall  Sleight
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
IEEE International  Workshop on Communication, Computing, and Networking in Cyber-Physical  Systems  (CCNCPS), June  2021 [Link]

A Primitive-Based Approach to Good Seamanship Path Planning for Autonomous Surface Vessels
Stankiewicz, Paul; Kobilarov, Marin
Johns Hopkins University
ICRA 2021

Out-of-Distribution Robustness with Deep Recursive Filters
K. Katyal, I.J. Wang, G. Hager.
ICRA 2021

Estimating the Confidence of RL-based Controllers
Christina Selby, Paul Wood, Jaime Arribas Starkey-El, Tamim Sookoor
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
LEAC 2021

NeMo: Neural Mesh Models of Contrastive Features for Robust 3D Pose Estimation
Angtian Wang, Adam Kortylewsk, Alan Yuille
International Conference on Learning Representations 2021 [PDF]

Corralling Stochastic Bandit Algorithms
Raman Arora, Teodor V. Marinov, Mehryar Mohri
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] (AISTATS 2021)

Faithful and Plausible Explanations of Medical Code Predictions
Zach Wood-Doughty, Isabel Cachola, Mark Dredze.
April 2021. Arxiv

Compositional Generative Network s and Robustness to Perceptible Image Changes
Adam Kortylewski, Ju He, Qing Liu, Christian Cosgrove, Chenglin Yang, Alan Yuille
In CISS, IEEE Information Theory Society. March. 2021 [PDF]

Defending Medical Image Diagnostics against Privacy Attacks using Generative Methods
William Paul, Yinzhi Cao, Miaomiao Zhang, Phil Burlina
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] (preprint)

Unsupervised Discovery, Control, and Disentanglement of Semantic Attributes with Applications to Anomaly Detection
William Paul#, I-Jeng Wang#, Fady Alajaji+ and Philippe Burlina#^
#Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, +Queens University, ^Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] Neural Computation

TARA: Training and Representation Alteration for AI Fairness and Domain Generalization
William Paul#, Armin Hadzic#, Neil Joshi#, Fady Alajaji+ and Phil Burlina#^
#Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, +Queens University, ^Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] (arXiv and submitted, Neural Computation)

Deep CPT-RL: Imparting Human-Like Risk Sensitivity to Artificial Agents
Jared Markowitz, Marie Chau, I-Jeng Wang
[PDF] AAAI Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Safety (SafeAI), 2021

Practical Blind Membership Inference Attack via Differential Comparisons
Bo Hui†∗, Yuchen Yang†∗, Haolin Yuan†∗, Philippe Burlina ‡ , Neil Zhenqiang Gong § and Yinzhi Cao †
†The Johns Hopkins University ‡The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory §Duke University
[PDF] (NDSS ’21)


Group-Aware Robot Navigation in Crowded Environments
Kapil Katyal, Yuxiang Gao, Jared Markowitz, I-Jeng Wang, Chien-Ming Huang
Johns Hopkins University

Robustness Out of the Box: Compositional Representations Naturally Defend Against Black-Box Patch Attacks
Christian Cosgrove, Adam Kortylewski, Chenglin Yang, Alan Yuille
Johns Hopkins University (2020)

Not All Errors Are Created Equal: Exploring Human Responses to Robot Errors with Varying Severity
Maia Stiber
and Chien-Ming Huang, Johns Hopkins University
ICMI ’20

Low-Shot Deep Learning of Diabetic Retinopathy With Potential Applications to Address Artificial Intelligence Bias in Retinal Diagnostics and Rare Ophthalmic Diseases
Philippe Burlina, William Paul, Philip Mathew, Neil Joshi, Katia D Pacheco, Neil M Bressler
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] JAMA Ophthalmology

Formally Verified Timing Computation for Non-deterministic Horizontal Turns During Aircraft Collision Avoidance Maneuvers
Kouskoulas Y., Machado T.J.,  Genin D.
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] FMICS  2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12327. Springer

Regional Homogeneity: Towards Learning Transferable Universal Adversarial Perturbations Against Defenses
Yingwei Li, Song Bai, Cihang Xie, Zhenyu Liao, Xiaohui Shen, Alan L. Yuille
ECCV. 2020 [PDF]

Prediction-based uncertainty estimation for adaptive crowd navigation
Kapil D. Katyal, Katie Popek, Gregory D. Hager, I. Jeng Wang, Chien Ming Huang
Johns Hopkins University
PDF] HCII 2020

PatchAttack: A Black-box Texture-based Attack with Reinforcement Learning
Chenglin Yang, Adam Kortylewski, Cihang Xie, Yinzhi Cao, Alan Yuille
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] ECCV ’20

RADICS: Runtime Assurance of Distributed Intelligent Control Systems
Brian Wheatman, Jerry Chen, Tamim Sookoor, Yair Amir
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins University
DSN 2021 [PDF]

Addressing Artificial Intelligence Bias in Retinal Disease Diagnostics
Philippe Burlina, Neil Joshi, William Paul, Katia D. Pacheco, Neil M. Bressler
Johns Hopkins University
[PDF] Journal of Translational Vision Science and Technology [Link]