Team Members

Dennis Bartko

Strategic Advisor

Alexis Basantis

Human Centered Design Strategist

Bryan Camacho

Human Centered Design Strategist

Joe Carrigan

Senior Security Engineer

Ashutosh Dutta

5G Chief Strategist

Gregory Falco

Assistant Professor

Laura Graham


Kate Kerbel

Human Centered Design Strategist

Veronica Koch

Operations Coordinator

Megan Mastrola

Communications Associate

Debra Mathews

Ethics and Governance Lead

Amber Mills

Associate Manager for Programs and Research

Sarah Rigsbee

Lead Human Centered Design Strategist

Ivy Rivlin

Industry Partnerships

Ken Schmidt

Industrial Partnerships

Christopher Venghaus

Sr. Systems Engineer

Kerstin Vignard

Research Scholar, Science Diplomacy & Tech Policy      

I-Jeng Wang

Research Advisor

Lanier A. Watkins

Researcher, and Founding Chair of IEEE International Conference on Assured Autonomy (ICAA)