Name Primary School Department, Center, or Institute
Foundational ML/AI
Human-Machine Teaming
Formal Methods
AI-Based Control Systems
Machine Vision
Navigation and Planning
Fairness and Bias
Shelby AndersonApplied Physics LaboratoryResearch and Exploratory Development Department (REDD)         +
Natural Language Processing, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR), Social Vulnerability, Healthcare, Healthcare Equity
Chace AshcraftApplied Physics LaboratoryREDD         
Margaret "Maggie" BeecherApplied Physics LaboratoryFPS/KAC     +
Human System Engineering (HSE), Human Factors Engineering (HFE), Human-Systems Integration (HSI), manned-unmanned teaming (Mum-T), spatial audio, research, analysis, engineering, testing, training; artificial intelligence, expert systems, CONOPS, requirements specifications
Muyinatu BellWhiting School of EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering       
James BellinghamWhiting School of EngineeringInstitute for Assured Autonomy         +
Fault detection and recovery
Anna BuczakApplied Physics Laboratory           
Caglar CaglayanApplied Physics LaboratoryAsymmetrical Operations Sector, Health & Human-Machine Systems           +
Optimization Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
Yinzhi CaoWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science           
Brint CooperWhiting School of EngineeringECE            
Anton DahburaWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science          +
Michael DinitzWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science          +
Mark DredzeWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science          
Ashutosh DuttaWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science         +
5G, Next G, Mobility, Networking
Mahyar FazlyabWhiting School of EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering and MINDS       
John GershApplied Physics LaboratoryResearch and Exploratory Development            
Lingxin HaoKrieger School of Arts and SciencesDepartment of Sociology; Hopkins Population Center             
Amy HauflerApplied Physics LaboratoryAir and Missile Defense Sector, A3J Human Machine Engineering Research and Enabling Technologies           
David HelmerApplied Physics LaboratoryHuman Machine Engineering            +
Mechanical engineer by training with experience exploring applications of various forms of AI for the DoD and other sponsors. Experience as both a technical contributor and a program manager.
Adam HouserApplied Physics Laboratory           
Chien-Ming HuangWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science           
Tak IgusaWhiting School of EngineeringCivil and Systems Engineering          +
Mathematical modeling and simulation
Noah JacobsenApplied Physics LaboratoryForce Projection Sector      
Fatih KaratayApplied Physics LaboratoryAir and Missile Defense Sector, A3E Cross-Domain Battle Management            +
Software Architecture, Development/Engineering
Efsun KayiApplied Physics LaboratoryREDD          
Daniel KhashabiWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science          
Anqi LiuWhiting School of EngineeringDepartment of Computer Science         
Nicolas LoizouWhiting School of EngineeringApplied Mathematics and Statistics             
Achyuth MadabhushiApplied Physics LaboratoryFPS/KBE - Software Engineering and Data Transformation     
Enrique MalladaWhiting School of EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering         
Amber MillsApplied Physics LaboratoryInstitute for Assured Autonomy            
Helene Nguewou-HyousseApplied Physics LaboratoryFPS            
Richard ObisoApplied Physics LaboratoryQLB, Physical and Life Systems Sciences             +
Project Management, Risk Mitigation & Safety, biological threat research, microbiology, biotechnology, Product Development (IVD), in vitro diagnostics, Clinical & Scientific Methods, Leadership, Mentoring Research, genomics, Fermentation, bio surveillance
Vishal PatelWhiting School of EngineeringElectrical and Computer Engineering       
Taylor ReiningerApplied Physics LaboratoryAir and Missile Defense           +
Reinforcement Learning
Chrisopher RouffApplied Physics LaboratoryAsymmetric Operations Sector        
Josef SchaffApplied Physics LaboratoryAMDS      
David SilberbergApplied Physics Laboratory             
Josh SilbermannApplied Physics LaboratoryAOS / QNI       +
Aviation, critical infrastructure,
Tamim SookoorApplied Physics LaboratoryAsymmetric Operations Sector         +
Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Critical Infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems
James SpallApplied Physics Laboratory          +
Stochastic systems Parameter estimation Stochastic optimization Monte Carlo methods and simulation Control systems System identification and Kalman filtering Optimization theory Uncertainty calculation
Tim SpiridonovApplied Physics LaboratoryAir Missile Defense Sector         
Russell TaylorWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science / Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics          +
Computer-Integrated Interventional Medicine
Collin TimmApplied Physics Laboratory             +
plant biology, microbiology, agriculture
Mathias UnberathWhiting School of EngineeringComputer Science        
Rene VidalWhiting School of EngineeringMathematical Institute for Data Science, Department of Biomedical Engineering          
Kerstin VignardApplied Physics LaboratoryNSAD          +
United Nations, UN, international negotiations, international security, international stability, policymaking, governance, emerging technologies, multi-stakeholder, ELSI, ELSA, ethics, international law, norms, normative framework, AI, artificial intelligence, AI safety, digital technologies
John WinderApplied Physics LaboratoryForce Projection Sector     +
Reinforcement learning, deep reinforcement learning, multi-agent reinforcement learning, world models, model-based reinforcement learning, transformers, attention, graph neural networks, foundation models, large language models
Alhassan YasinApplied Physics LaboratoryFPS+
Hybrid Systems, Continues Learning Models, Physics Informed AI
Sebastian ZanlongoApplied Physics LaboratoryCritical Infrastructure           
Janet ZhangApplied Physics LaboratoryFPS      +
Make machine learning systems safe. Safe reinforcement learning. Worked in the industry of machine learning, computer vision for 15+ years.